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JULY 24 - 28, 2017 



At Climax Tours, we like to see ourselves not as a tour company but as guides into the essential and the unknown. That is why our service is in constant pursuit of transforming the child’s mind employing sojourns outside the usual to achieving this.


Developing a child’s cognitive capacity in the 21st century relies hugely on complimentary engagement outside the classroom. With our wealth of experience in the informal education and tourism industry, we hope that together we can serve the children with a unique blend of fun, educative, interactive and groundbreaking ideas.


We are so excited about this summer camp and we look forward to the positive results it will yield in the lives of the children now and in the near future. 



Yemi Morafa 'Filmboy'

Movie Director

Yemi believes that every child has a dream that would someday become their reality.  He is the creative director at Filmboyz Inc.  Yemi is an advocate of storytelling and he is committed to keeping this African tradition alive. He is very good at his craft and in a short space of time he has been privileged to direct movies like "The Grudge", "Something Wicked" which recently had 13 nominations in different categories in Nigeria’s biggest award giving platform Best of Nollywood (BON Awards) and won 6 awards including “Best Picture and the Movie of the Year”, and was nominated in one category at AMVCA, and several African Magic short movies. He is currently the director of  African Magic hit series "Battleground". The children would be taken to a live movie set, where they would get the first-hand experience of directing.

Arierhi Akindulureni

Image & Etiquette Consultant

Arierhi sees a future with a well -behaved generation that exudes grace and poise, a future where people will no longer litter their environment, where girls and boys will dress only for success and see themselves as a brand rather than an object, and most of all - she is passionate about it. The students will be taught dinning etiquette, deportment and daily social graces, social media etiquette, safety, image and branding, and lots more. Arierhi has attended numerous trainings on International Social Etiquette from the prestigious Minding Manners Academy London, UK, the school has the credit of working with the British Royals on a regular basis. She has Diploma in Image Consulting and Fashion Styling from the Career Institute London and an engineering degree from the University of Lagos.

Douglas Elisha

Investment Banker

Douglas is an Investment Portfolio Manager with one of Nigeria’s most successful financial institutions FBN Capital Limited. He is a graduate of the University of Lagos, and he recently completed a Senior Management Program (SMP) at Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University. Douglas will be talking to the students about investing early for their college degrees even with their small pocket money. Douglas has a truly inspiring story that would challenge every child to start saving and investing early and he will also share with them his interesting journey to the top.

Isioma Okolo

Leadership Coach & Speaker

Isioma is passionate about building a solid leadership foundation in our Nation Nigeria and beyond, Isioma is also a Purpose Advocate and Enabler, she advocates that everyone who exists, exists for a reason and must find and fulfill the reason for their existence. Isioma is an alumna of the Warwick Business School, an associate member of the CIPD UK and a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Trainer, and Speaker. She currently works with a multinational one of the biggest shipping companies in the world, Maersk Nigeria Limited as a Human Resources Business Partner. She would be speaking to the children on the topic the “Leader in me”.


The whole idea of our Free To Dream summer camp is to bring together students from various junior and senior secondary schools in Lagos and all over Nigeria with talent, drive, energy, ideas and big dreams that will someday make a meaningful impact in the society. 


We look forward to having students that are willing to dream and also share their dreams. We believe that being a part of this summer camp will help students; 



  • Hone their abilities to think critically and flexibly. 

  • Engage productively with a diverse group of peers and like minds. 

  • Explore new and existing ideas.

  • Meet distinguished speakers from various fields and learn from them.

  • Develop key communications skills and also have a fun while learning

  • Cultivate the habit of writing down their dreams


Jide Adekola


Architect & Property Developer

Jide Adekola had an early mentor in his father, Professor Adekola (Former Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lagos). He is passionate about guiding students who are still trying to figure out their career paths, he is committed to doing all he can to mentor and guide them to the right path. Jide has been involved in the development of over 300 residential projects and several commercial developments across the country. He is a member of the Nigerian Institute of Architects, a seasoned consultant, he is an alumnus of the Birmingham City University and Lagos Business School. He will be sharing his passion, his driving force and he would also engage the students in a practical demonstration of building a structure from start to finish.

Orighoye Dore 'Chef Nylah'

Celebrity Chef

Orighoye is celebrity Chef that caters for the likes of Celebrities like Julius Agwu, Tu baba Idibia. She featured as a guest judge on the popular TV cooking show Knorr taste quest with other Famous Chefs - Chef Frez, Chef Dr. Toju, and Chef Renne. she hosts a monthly cooking session for young children and adults where she teaches children who have developed an interest in cooking to follow their dreams and learn how to cook at a very early age. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts Management from the Art Institute of Washington. She currently runs her own world class restaurant Nylah’s catering in Lagos where they specialize in preparing African and continental cuisine. She would be sharing her “Culinary Journey" with the children.

Tunde Akindulureni

Travel Consultant & Enterpreneur

Tunde is a seasoned travel consultant, an entrepreneur, a teacher and visionary leader who clearly understands that entrepreneurship is a process, and no matter how many times you fail you should be willing to bounce back even stronger. He has a strong vision to change the mindset of our youths today by teaching them how to create jobs and he is very intentional about it. Having run a business in the Nigerian Tourism industry and offered his services to some of the big giants in Nigeria and Africa for almost 10 years, you will agree he definitely has a story to share. Tunde is an alumnus of Columbia Business School, Lagos Business School, and other reputable universities.  He will be sharing with the students, his journey, his failures, successes, and knowledge gained over the years.



Arrive the Free To Dream summer camp

Introductions, mingle, make friends and

meet your roommates.

Familiarization with basic equipment. ​

Activities: Volleyball & 5x5 football


Evening entertainment: MuskiKids & Mother Goose

Lights Out


Light exercise & Breakfast

Excursion: City Tour of Lagos; learn about its rich history

Visit Nike Art Gallery; learn how to make traditional batik attire.

Visit Lekki Conservation Centre; enjoy the canopy walk.

Lunch Break

Watch and practice with architect Jide as he brings a digital

drawing to reality 

EDU Talks:

“If you can Dream it, you can Build it ” by Jide Adekola

“Discovering the leader in me” by Isioma Laju Okolo

Activities: Drawing, Basketball & Mini-golf


Evening Entertainment: Party Dances & Project Talent 

Lights Out


Light exercise & Breakfast

Excursion: Visit Funderland – Learn how to roller skate,

go rock climbing and enjoy the beautiful waterslides.

Lunch Break

Learn how to cook, enjoy the sumptuous delicacy prepared and

have fun with Chef Nylah

EDU Talks:

“My Culinary Journey" by Chef Nylah (Orighoye Dore)

Activities: Cooking, Make a Mess, Roller skating,

Rock climbing & swimming


Evening Entertainment: MusiKids, Mother Goose & Prize Bingo

Lights Out


Please reload


Light exercise & Breakfast

Excursion: Visit Anap Ranch – here’s no better way to explore

this beautiful ranch than taking all the kids for a pony trek and 

they will also have the chance to help out at the stables.

Lunch Break

Learn all you need to know about saving and actually start

saving for your future with Douglas, as he guides us

on how to build an investment portfolio.

EDU Talks:

“Financial Investment - Start now” by Douglas Elisha

“Etiquette My way of life” by Arierhi Akindulureni

Activities: Cooking, Canvas Painting, lawn tennis & cinema


Evening Entertainment: MusiKids, MJ Legend &

Camp Fire Night

Lights Out


Light exercise & Breakfast

Go behind the scenes of directing a real life movie with one of

Nollywood's finest director and watch the actors interpret the story. 

Lunch Break

The Debate.

EDU Talks:

“Directing - my Life, my Dream" by Yemi Morafa

“Entrepreneurship brings about change” by Tunde Akindulureni

Activities: Basketball, table tennis & 5x5 football

Check Out of the hotel


It's a wrap!!

Go home and be Free To Dream

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Starting from N155,499

We’ve got loads of activities to help your kids enjoy their holiday, from our range of exciting tours to power talks, roller skating, Musikids, rock climbing, Make a Mess and much, much more. Laugh, sing, dance, and play – there’s something to entertain everyone!



JULY 24 - 28, 2017




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