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Climax Tours at UN Building, USA


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Inspire your students through global travel on an expertly guided international tour. Choose from a wide range of culturally immersive experiences with the option tailor making the tour to suit you. Need suggestions? Our dedicated Tour Consultants can help you find or create the perfect tour for your group.

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Our Operations staff visits each and every hotel, transport provider and  sightsseeing venue to ensure it meets our stringent safety and security guidelines.

Tour Managers

From the moment you get to the airport, our Tour Directors will be at your service. Together with our local guides, they will educate and offer insight through out the tour duration.

Immersive activites

Local dishes, live demonstrations, guided sightseeing and access to the world’s most coveted attractions makes every experience a teachable moment.

The Climax


At CT, we see ourselves as guides into the essential and the unknown. That is why we are in constant pursuit of transforiming the child's mind employing sojourns outside the usual.


We take your dietary concerns very personal, hence cuisines offered do not simply satisfy your want for sumptuousness but cater to every nutritional need your body requires to function properly during the tour.


All the hotels opted for on any of our tour packages has already passed a quality grading system tailored to the peculiar needs of our customers. We offer triple and quadruple occupancy.

Airfare & transportation

We rank your safety first above any other condition of transfer. It is for this reason that we seek the most worthy means of travel to convey you within and outside our tour destinations.

Step 3


Meet Your Tour Consultant

Experts in the art of travel, Climax Tours Consultants are also skilled trip planners. Talk to us about your interests, goals, and concerns and we’ll help you identify the factors that will make your trip a success—number of cities, the length of the tour, time of year—and even suggest options you may not have considered. Call us on 08023309867, 09091213900 or email and we’ll assign you a tour consultant.

Choose & Customize an Itinerary

Choose or create the ideal trip to support your educational and leisure goals. check out our suggested


Keep the School Board in the 'Know'.

Climax Tours reputation makes it easy to win school board approval. Call us on 08023309867, 09091213900 or email us and we’ll send your school's management board a detailed proposal of what we are trying to achieve with you. This invaluable resource contains extensive materials to help explain the program and obtain necessary approval.

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Hold an Evening Meeting for Parents

Explain the value of educational travel and address questions or concerns. Have your preferred tour package suggested itineraries printed and circulated (find them on the website) so parents and students can decide and register immediately!

Register Your Group

First, register online or send in a completed Group Leader Registration Form , available on request via email. Then allow your participants to begin registering online or by completing the Participant Registration Form, also available on request via email.

Pack Your Bags & Go

Bon Voyage! Your Climax Tours Tour Manager will greet you at the airport.

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