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We can only imagine the pain parents and their children feel when they can't secure admission into a Nigerian university of their choice, especially when the problem isn't their qualification nor their admission's result, but simply because our universities lack the capacity to cater for the growing student's population. Annually, less than 26% are admitted from the 10 million plus applicants.


At Climax Tours, we offer you the opportunity of securing an admission abroad without closing your bank account. As more and more countries across Europe are abolishing tuition fees and offering English taught programmes . . students have never had it this good. Our team with over a decade of experience in the educational sector will be your partner throughout this journey to help you make the right choice from this plethora of options without any hassle.




Finding the right school to meet each child’s unique visions is very important to us. We know this is a very important stage in the child’s life and also in the lives of the parents, hence we do not compromise on standards of the institution, the environment, easy accessibility to parents that want to check up on their children as often, while putting your budget into consideration.


As your Education Agent (EA), we will do our best in assisting you to secure a place in your preferred school, provide you with an up-to-date information about the educational system and the student visa process, and be rest assured we have your best interest at heart. Our Education Consulting Services (ECS) include but not limited to the following; 

  • Make suggestions for the best institutions and programs to help you reach your goals. 

  • Assist you to collect all of the documents you will need for your application. 

  • Guide you through the admission process.

  • Guide you through the visa process once you have been accepted by an institution.

  • Help you prepare for the move and your arrival in your preferred country.

  • Organisation of airport pick-up and accommodation (if required)




One-On-One Interview

Our consultants provide students with education consulting services. This process will help students understand themselves in order to make career, educational, and life decisions.

School Search Process

Our consultants will match the studuent's credentials or qualifications with the desired schools or programme of interest. Then we send options for the best schools within the budget and specification.

Application Process

In order to simplify the admission process, Climax Tours has tied up with a host of universities, schools, colleges and institutes of technology, each with qualities that not every student will master, so we cannot place all students in the same place, an appropriate matching criterion is adhered to ensure success.

Visa Application

After you have successfully gained

admission into your preferred university, we will then proceed with your visa application. Without an appropriate visa, the students cannot depart to their destination, and most countries have very stringent visa rules these days. Our consultants are trained and tested on these rules so the student is assured of the success of obtaining it.  We provide visa assistance to UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


Relocation Preparation

Finding a suitable accommodation, whether its homestay, dormitory, student flats or housing is not as easy as it sounds, as we need to ensure that the family is tried and tested, the dormitory has all the amenities that the students need and the flats are close to the university. We will also facilitate the process of getting the best deals for flight ticket, insurance and airport pickup (if required) for our students.

Adjusting to Life

As soon as the students touch down, our team on ground handling their pick-off, takes them on a tour of the institution, chat with them about the culture of the people, their food, their way of life and help them settle in for the first week. Our phone lines are always open to clients to call if they have any concern till they are well adjusted and can manage on their own. With  our support, every student eventually gets well-adjusted and feels comfortable.


The United States ​has the world's largest international student population, with more than 1,000,000 students choosing to broaden their education and life experience in the United States. It is a popular choice for many overseas students due to its high standard of education, the diverse culture, friendly people and opportunity for newcomers, making it a safe environment to live and study.

Europe boasts of more than 4000 highly esteemed and notably recognized educational institutions, and over 3000 fully English-taught programmes from top-level research establishments to small teaching-focused colleges to choose from. With all these and more, Europe has become a popular choice for many overseas students and Nigerians pursuing higher studies.

Australia is an attractive destination for overseas students because of its varied climatic conditions, diverse cultures, friendly and welcoming people and safe environment. Australia’s Higher Education has grown progressively over the last decade and is growing more and more as the days go by. High percentages of students from Nigeria now seek education in Australia-mainly in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. 

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Canada recently became a popular choice for overseas students due to its varied climatic conditions, diverse cultures friendly people and high standard of education. Canada is an ideal destination for international students and home to more than 175,000 international students every year, more and more from Nigeria. Canadian degrees are well related to business, government and academic circles around the world.

The United Kingdom is a popular choice for overseas students due to its rich cultural heritage, diverse ethnic groups, its tolerant society and its high standard of education, making it an ideal place to live and study. Over 100,000 international students move to study in the UK every year; this may be due to the fact that the UK has been one of the top destinations for higher education for international students.

Bringing Studying in China is an excellent opportunity to explore the world’s most populous country. You will experience China’s unique blend of ancient and modern civilization. China is striving to build more world-class universities and investing heavily in higher education. As for those who don’t know any Chinese, many universities offer degree programs taught in English. In addition, the academic qualifications awarded by Chinese universities are recognized all over the world.

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