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Study in Australia

Australia is the world’s smallest continent and sixth largest country in the world. It is situated in the Southern Hemisphere between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean, and often referred to as ‘The Island Continent’ or ‘The Land Down Under’.

The country is made up of six States – New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. Australia’s capital is Canberra, and the largest city is Sydney.

The Australian continent consists of snowfields to the South East, desert in the centre and vast plains and rainforests to the North. The Eastern coast is made up of a number of beaches, tropical reefs, attractive landscapes, an ancient history and a relaxed lifestyle.  The highly industrialized cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra with a profoundly urbanized population are also situated on the East coast. The Western coast is known for its Agricultural production – open grazing, irrigated pastures, horticultures, orchards and vineyards.

Australia being a successfully developed country owes its prosperity to its highly multicultural society with ethnic communities from over 100 countries. Australia is a multicultural society but English is the universal spoken language.

Australia is an attractive destination for overseas students because of its varied climatic conditions, diverse cultures, friendly and welcoming people and safe environment. Australia’s Higher Education has grown progressively over the last decade and is growing more and more as the days go by. High percentages of students from Nigeria now seek education in Australia-mainly in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. An Australian qualification will develop you personally and professionally. It is your passport to a well-paid career and a secure future.

LANGUAGE​​: English

CURRENCY: Australian Dollar(AUD) 
POPULATION: 23,810,800 

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