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Study in the United States

It is the third largest country in the world, in area and population. It is located in the centre of North America, and shares its border with Mexico in the South and Canada in the North, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west.

The United States consists of fifty states, forty-eight of which make up the contiguous states. The peninsula of Alaska forms the North-western part of the States and the archipelago of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. In addition to these fifty states, there are several territories in the Caribbean and Pacific.


The States is a highly developed country with the largest national economy in the world. This thriving labour market owes its prosperity to its multicultural society. America has been a huge attraction to immigrants from all over the world, making it an ethnically diverse nation with the highest migration rates in the world.  English and Spanish are the two most spoken languages due to the wide variety of ethnic groups, traditions and values, brought in by the immigrant population.


The States is a popular choice for many overseas students due to its high standard of education, the diverse culture, friendly people and opportunity for new-comers, making it a safe environment to live and study.


Post-secondary education in the USA is the most prestigious. As the number one destination for international students, the U.S. offers most attractive opportunities for furthering your education. As a result, there is about 30% of the all the International Students in the world studying in the United States of America.

LANGUAGE​​: English

CURRENCY: United States Dollar($) 
POPULATION: 320,206,000 

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